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[F5]Hydrogen Double Repairing Beautifying Cream V

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[F5]Hydrogen Double Repairing Beautifying Cream V Facial Base Facial Shaping Care Series

Retail price USD210.00
Member price USD199.00

Upgraded type MIX double lotion formula, remold the refreshing and tender elastic beautiful skin

[Hydrogen atom retaining technology] The upgraded edition of “Densely infiltrated cream”דCream formed by protective film” MIX double lotion formula, full and delicate, deeply infiltrated into skin at instant once touched skin, provide deep nourishment for skin, improve the wrinkles, dryness, looseness, not compact enough and other problems caused by aging, and make skin permanently refreshed and fully elastic.

Net Content: e 30g

Brief Introduction to Product:

This ODC hydrogen double repairing beautifying cream contains further upgraded “MIX double lotion formula”, bring superexcellent use.


Main Advantages:

Double lotion formula based on DDS concept preparation technology further upgraded.

A densely infiltrated protective cream starting to forge compact beautiful skin while being applied.

“Densely infiltrated cream” and the lotion with excellent skin protection function-“cream formed by protective film”, 2 lotions mixed, although it’s a cream, it’s light and moistened and offering with superexcellent use.


Use the toner to regulate skin, take appropriate amount to apply on the whole face, make it to infiltrate in forehead, two cheeks, nose and the lower jaw. Please repeatedly apply on the easily dry parts.

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