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[F001] Firming & Lifting Essence

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[F001] Firming & Lifting Essence Facial Essence Shaping Care Series

Liberate from time axis, get compact facial skin

[Hydrogen atom retaining technology] A traditional care adopting stem cell care, pertinent care, and enabling compositions infiltrate into the target parts, and turning the natural capacity into skin capacity, effectively eliminating wrinkles, dilute thin veins, and making the skin return to the young state.

Made in Japan

Net Content: e 100ml

Introduction to Products:

This ODC lifting compact wrinkle repairing facial essence is taking restoring hydrogen water as main composition, is adopting stem cell care, pertinent care and enabling the compositions to infiltrate to the target parts.

Main Advantages:

Anti-wrinkle effect, anti-aging effect, and protect UV injury

Regulate the keratinized loops on epidermis, activate the basement membrane, and activate the fiber bud cell at the corium layer


Improve the skin elasticity and improve the wrinkles, whiten, boost immunity and activate EGF and FGF

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