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[F004]Hydrogen Activating Mask

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[F004]Hydrogen Activating Mask Facial Base Facial Shaping Care Series

Ultra strong antioxidant·Natural whitening·Internal SOD activation

[Atom retaining technology]With hydrogen-stabilized water as the base component, the interaction of 2 kinds of VC inducers with different functions, not only directly inhibits the production of melanin, but also activates the function of the antioxidant system in the skin, break the spot accurately and solves the underlying skin, as well as realizing the revolu?on in whitening caring.

Net Content: e 100g

By strengthening the resistance of the skin, the skin has the ability to fight against the problems of dry, wrinkle and drooping skin caused by active oxygen, so as to create a soft, comfy and transparent skin.

Brief Introduction to Products:


The VC inductor is commonly known as the VC-IP. It has excellent percutaneous absorption and penetrates into the deep layer of skin. 

By inhibiting the occurrence of reactive oxygen caused by ultraviolet rays, producing excess melanin, collagen damaging and other light aging problems, a healthy and clear skin is created.


A VC inducer with water-soluble properties can penetrate quickly and play an efficient role., enhance resistance to oxidative damage. For spots, dim whitening effect and enhance barrier functoon, effectively increase skin elasticity.

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