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Hydrogen Repairing Hair Conditioner

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Hydrogen Repairing Hair Conditioner Head Anti-aging Washing & Caring Series

Retail price USD90.00
Member price USD85.00

Rich in collagen, protect your hair from being damaged, and moisturize your hair to make it at the optimal state

[Hydrogen atom retaining technology] Combine with the nutrients and moisturizing compositions required by hair——keratin and collagen. Protect the hair from being hurt by hair perning, and fully nourish the hair through the moisturizing compositions as “Polyglutamic acid” and “Polyquaternium”, etc.

Net Content: e 300ml

Brief Introduction to Product:

According to clinical test, this ODC hydrogen repairing hair conditioner is rich in keratin and collagen, and could supplement nutrition for the hair.


Main Advantages:

Fully moisten the hair through moisturizing compositions of “Polyglutamic acid” and “Polyquaternium”, etc.

Rich in nutrition and moisturizing compositions as “keratin” and “collagen”, etc, and protect the hair from being injured during perning and dyeing, and in ultraviolet ray.

Combine with “7 extracts of traditional Chinese herbs, deeply nourish, double repairing and caring scalp and hair.

Not merely the feeling of adhesive agent, but the surface barrier function.

Only choose the compositions conducive to hair, absolutely free from mineral oil, perfume and dyes.

With slight orange juice fragrance to improve the comfortableness in use.

The compositions and functions in pursuit of perfect, enjoy free fashionable hair styles while caring your hair.


Gently massage and dry your hair after washing hair with shampoo, take appropriate amount of the product and gently massage with seriously injured hair tip at the center, and flush with water in 3~5 minutes. Further use this product after using the exclusive shampoo for “shining” washing to make luster and freshness last longer.

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