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Hydrogen Care Shampoo

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Hydrogen Care Shampoo Head Anti-aging Washing & Caring Series

Retail price USD85.00
Member price USD80.00

Use amino acids to wash hair, gently wrap up with silk, multi-effect including cleaning, scurf removal, and itching relieving

[Hydrogen atom retaining technology] Same weak acidity as scurf and hair, completely remove the excessive oil and dirt on hair and scurf, meanwhile, inhibit the generation of scurf and itching, and the “shining” and “refreshing” hairs bringing perfect touch.

Net Content: e 300ml

Product Details:

According to clinical test on the ODC hydrogen care and wash shampoo, it’s rich in amino acids and it demonstrates a weak acidity.


Main Advantages:

The smooth and tender bubbles will bring you freshness and coolness after washing.

The amino acid washing agent will not hurt you hair, and will bring your hair perfect touch.

Rich in amino acids and proteins (keratin and fibroin) with same weak acidity as the scalp and hair, completely clean the excessive oil and dirt on hair and scalp, and inhibit the scurf and itching.

Collocate with moisturizing compositions as “polygfutamic acid”, “Polyquaternium-51”, etc, with above 2 times effect of the hyaluronic acid.

Combine with feather keratin, wool keratin and hyaluronic acid, bring freshly luster and logical freshness.

Make use of high taste natural compositions to protect and repair hair, and improve the hair quality during hair washing.

Only choose the compositions conducive to hair quality, excluding silicon, mineral oil, coloring agent and parfum.


First wash hair and scalp with warm water. Take appropriate amount and apply on all hair after full bubbles, and gently massage the scalp. The groups with damaged hair could wash hair twice with the product to further enhance the caring effect. Further use exclusive caring products for “basic caring” after washing hair with the shampoo, so as to keep better luster and freshness.

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