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[F3+]Hydrogen Deep Water Retaining Moistening Essence III+

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[F3+]Hydrogen Deep Water Retaining Moistening Essence III+ Facial Base Facial Shaping Care Series

Retail price USD210.00
Member price USD199.00

Hydrogen atom retaining technology deep water-retaining, restore cleanness, transparency, tenderness, luster and ruddiness to skin.

[Hydrogen atom retaining technology] Employing the hydrogen atom retaining technology to retain the skin moisture, assorted with succinct and natural moisturizing compositions, with a super-strong absorbing capacity, and it could quickly “quench thirst” for the skin, and make the skin reappear with the moistened state. With moderate compositions, free from any stimulations.

Net Content: e 60ml

Brief Introduction to Product:

This ODC hydrogen deep water retaining moistening essence contains natural moisturizing factor (NMF), and it has the feature of moisturizing the skin without makeup.


Main Advantages:

A high moisturizing toner coordinated with luxury NMF with deep layer NMF covering skin.

Mutual coordination between the “moisturizing compositions” with skin moisture absorbing NMF and keratin barrier with moisture obtained via retaining, and supporting the original water retaining capacity of skin.

Coordinated with plenty of moisturizing compositions, improving the water retaining compositions through “moisturizing” and “retaining”, and forging the moistened skin without makeup.

A dense toner moistening every corner of skin and the moistened skin without makeup.


Take appropriate amount and put in hands and carefully and evenly apply on the entire face after using the toner. Please repeatedly apply on the easily dry parts.

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