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[F2]Hydrogen Compact Cleansing Foam II

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[F2]Hydrogen Compact Cleansing Foam II Facial Base Facial Shaping Care Series

Retail price USD140.00
Member price USD133.00

Clean skin without traces, gently care delicate “honey” skin

[Hydrogen atom retaining technology] Soft and light skin-friendly foam is delicate and meticulous, deeply clear dirt in pores, clean the aged keratins without any residues. Meanwhile, the natural honey nutrients could effectively nourish the skin, make the skin clean and transparent as what it is, moistened and tender, and shining with youth splendor at any time.

Net Content: e 80ml

Brief Introduction to Product:

Comfortable and clean, make face washing the most happy moment, a product makes the skin capable of “best absorption” of water while cleansing.


Main Advantages:

A gel-type cleansing product, the fluffy and soft foam and smooth and comfortable cleansing process is its most prominent feature.

The amino-acid cleaning agent with temperate dirt-removing capacity could fully clear the excessive dirt, and prevent from the injury caused by excessive cleansing.

The effective moistening composition “tremella polysaccharide” is covering the clean skin as a moistened mask after clearing dirt, and makes the skin environment easily absorbed by the toner used afterwards.

A “moisturizing formula” easily absorbed by the toner, bringing the moisturizing compositions to the surface of the skin after cleansing, regulating the moistened environment (water absorbing effect) in advance, and make water easily penetrated into skin.


Clean face and hands, and take appropriate amount product and fully foam. Use the foams to cover the whole face and use cold water or warm water to flush after gently massaging the face.

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