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[F1]Hydrogen Cleansing Essence I

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[F1]Hydrogen Cleansing Essence I Facial Base Facial Shaping Care Series

Retail price USD140.00
Member price USD133.00

Quickly dissolve the makeup residuals, and gently moisten the uptight skin

[Hydrogen atom retaining technology] With cleansing gel rich in beautifying compositions, a brand-new cleansing formula capable of quickly dissolving the various long-term type and waterproof type makeups; gently sweep with cotton pad or tissue, both makeup and sweat will be completely cleared, and the skin will instantly restore to neat and clean. Rich in plant organic compositions as clove and apple, etc, and it could effectively moisten the skin after makeup and completely farewell the tension after makeup.

Net Content: e 100ml

Brief Introduction to Product:

This ODC hydrogen cleansing essence has been conducted with clinical tests, and it’s capable of quickly removing the makeup residuals and maintaining moisturized.


Adopt with mellow beautifying essence formula, and the luxury cleansing gel with about 80% beautifying compositions.

Moisturize skin, soak up the makeup and make it easier to clean, and make the skin feel comfortable after cleaning.

Meanwhile the “skin and face cleansing function” could achieve moisturized cleansing.

A cleansing product capable of giving skincare during the cleansing process.

Adopt the beautifying essence formula causing no burdens to skin, and maintaining the skin to be tender while comfortable cleansing.


Take appropriate amount and evenly apply on the entire face by hands. Use cold water or warm water to clean after soaking the makeup.

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